“They never seemed to tire of talking with each other, as if they were filling up each other’s emptiness.”
From “Tony Takitani” by Haruki Murakami
“In mental effort we are likely to go still more widely astray from some childish notion that it is laudable to exert that “slow, dead heave of the will” as often as possible. But in changing habits, you will find yourself getting your results far more quickly and with less “backwash” if you engage your imagination process instead of calling out the biggest gun of your character equipment first.
This is not a plea to abandon the will. There will be times and occasions when only the whole weight of the will brought to bear on the matter in hand will prove effective. But the imagination plays a far greater role in our lives than we customarily acknowledge, although any teacher can tell you how great an advocate the imagination is when a child is to be led into a changed course.”
From Becoming a Writer, by Dorothea Brande
“Touch. It is touch that is the deadliest enemy of chastity, loyalty, monogamy, gentility with its codes and conventions and restraints. By touch we are betrayed and betray others … an accidental brushing of shoulders or touching of hands … hands laid on shoulders in a gesture of comfort that lies like a thief, that takes, not gives, that wants, not offers, that awakes, not pacifies. When one flesh is waiting, there is electricity in the merest contact.”

DALeast  - New York City


DALeast - New York City

“Unbeing dead isn’t being alive.”
e.e. cummings (via observando)
“When you’re depressed, when you’re in bed and feel like you can’t get out, you can’t imagine doing work or accomplishing anything or anybody loving you. So when you look around you and you see these things happening to other people, they look like magic to you. They look that exotic, that strange, that impossible. And when you begin to crawl out of the pit and reengage with the world, it seems very magical. It felt as though getting out of bed yesterday was impossible, but now you’re doing it. Just by returning to daily life, you’re a magician.”
“You have got to realize that we are easily replaceable. I’m telling you, it doesn’t matter what stage of your career, you can always be replaced.”
Eric Owens

Lovatnet, Norway | Sergey Bogomyako


Lovatnet, Norway | Sergey Bogomyako
“The man who can center his thoughts and hopes upon something transcending self can find a certain peace in the ordinary troubles of life which is impossible to the pure egoist.”
Bertrand Russell